first post!!!!!!

Yes!!!!! This is MY first EVER post!!!!…I’m probably the only one who would ever get excited over something this trivial….. ( ¬.¬ )…….(my OMG moment disappeared…….)

Right…..kinda wishing I had a Japanese keyboard so that my emotes look somewhat decent… T^T

Any who, Cafe Rouge is the theme today! (not good going to an expensive place when your a poor uni student)

My friend had got a 40% discount voucher at the cafe and so we decided to go there, which we did last week!   Food was absolutely delicious and was definitely worth the wait!!!!!  But, the waitress didnt have a writing pad with her (uh oh) and when we ordered, she forgot some of our dishes or got the wrong one.  Still that didnt put a damper on my night because…(drum roll please!)…I had creme brulee for the first time in my life!  Unfortunately I didnt get a pic of my dessert, I was sort of busy scoffing it down to care. .. ( – 3 – ) ~~~ But i can tell you now, it was super amazing!!! 😉

However I did get a pic of my main, which was fantastique!  Havent had lamb in about 6 months (????)


Im not very good with using a knife and fork it seemed as I got juice on my jumper~~~ luckily no one noticed hehehehe

Yeah, after eating this, you would expect one to be somewhat full….well thats what YOU think (cue evil laugh)…my friends were surprised also when I said ‘I wasnt full’, they then thought or nicknamed me somewhat as the ‘bottomless pit’ , though to be honest they should have said the bottomless pit of despair if you think how much (if i had it my way and was rich enough to) work and stress the chefs would be under just for me to be full.  Man, I feel for the chefs with that thought.

Anyways I think I’ve ranted on long enough! Hope those of you who have given me the honor of wasting your time have enjoyed this and SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!