My deepest apologies for my lack of any recent posts in the last two months!  I have been attempting to revise for my exams….(which hopefully I did well).  This is the reason for my hiatus, I apologise for not telling you sooner.  But now that I’m over and done with my exams….YOU CAN EXPECT MORE POSTS TO COME!!!!!!!   (>^ u ^<)

Soon I shall be posting about the rest of the My forged wedding characters, followed by Pirates in love and other games like the Shall we date series.  Any otome games that people wish for me to review, please leave me a message and I shall review it for you…as long as its in english…or has english subtitles. 🙂

Anyway I’ll be on holiday in August to Hong Kong so expect some posts of on my time there, many of which will be (most likely) based around the food!!! (I’m such a glutton T^T )

strawberry gateau

I loooooooove my strawberry gateua



My forged wedding: Yamato Kougami

A review/summary of My forged wedding, starring  Yamato Kougami!!!!!!!!!!

My forged wedding wasnt actually the first otome I’ve played, but it the most recent so I’ve got it fresh in my mind.  Having just finished Yamato’s story I felt compelled to blog about it first! Anyways enough of my rants (though my rants feel just as entertaining s the game)

Yamato Kougami:

although it says nasty, i would say self-confident and teasing...if not a little blunt. 🙂

I will just start from when you have to choose which character you want to be with.   When you choose Yamato, you can see he’s a self confident man.  He knows he’s popular and he’s not afraid to hide it!! (But OMG did he know it!)

The main character (which I shall name X) feels somewhat uncomfortable that he is at first not willing to tell you what it is that he wants from you, which you find out after they watch a baseball game on TV and eat some of the food (pilaf!!! At first i was like wtf is that!!! but after checking the internet I came to the conclusion…fried rice!) after the initial choice session.  Anyways after all this, the two head home where they chat and X starts thinking of Yamato as a blunt but kind guy (damn right he is!!!)  as he starts to help an old man load some stuff into the guys car.  Yamato goes back to X and the conversation continues, at this time he will answer three questions(I unfortunately cant remember why he did this) in which X asks:

1) why am I called Pouty?

2) (this question is now quite fuzzy in my mind…but I think it was) why choose me?

3) why this school and not another school?

~if you wanna know the answers, you gotta play the game which i definitely recommend!~~~

Then suddenly things take a slight turn from nice chatting to complete (heavenly…but sadly fake) cuddling.  This is because yamato noticed the Vice-principal approaching(this guy was pretty much the reason as why Yamato had to get a fake wife because yamato was being suspected!)(but to say it was also because of him that we get many romantic but funny comments from Yamato like ” we left the light on last night’ ‘because you said it turns you on’ *¬*) which X doesnt find out til the Vice-principal is right in front of the two of them.  There he will ask what attracted X to Yamato.  For this question I selected that he was selfish, and X’s answer was funny to read, heh.  But Yamato having enough, cooling and subtly (….not really) finished the conversation and the two head home.

At home, X sees that Yamato’s house is clean and modern.  He also has a cute robot thing called Roomba (d’awwwww) and you find out he’s lonely and that he lost his mother two years ago T^T.  Because of this, hes gotten used to living alone (I’ll comfort you!!!!) Anyways, he decides to go take a bath whilst X is in the kitchen and as X is admiring things, someone is at the door.  Not really knowing what to do, X answers through the intercom to find out that the Vice-principal is at the door.  Once he is inside, he starts to ask X many questions and X feeling uncomfortable as her answers are contradicting to her appearance begins to panic a little.  luckily a (beautiful) towel-wrapped Yamato walks out and X grabbing the chance to escape, grabs Yamato’s hand into the bathroom.  Here they have a sort of role play with words where Yamato starts saying these really (heart racing) words like ‘ can’t we please bathe together’ and such.  Hearing this the vice principal leaves.  After that, the two of them start to begin their life in the home.

School starts and Yamato explains that he will ‘forget’ his phone and so X has to bring it to him during lunch break as proof of their marriage.  So when time comes for X to bring the phone to him she heads off, she sees this man having bike chain problems and helps him in which he thanks her to which she replies with ‘its ok but i have to go so goodbye!’ and heads off towards the school.  There she sees Yamato being surrounded by girls, all lusting for him (well too bad he’s MINE *imagine a cute green monster here*).  He sees X and heads in her direction, whilst almost all those girls are hoping that X is his sister but he corrects them by saying ‘she’s my wife’ then somewhat shoves her out and they go searching for the vice-principal.  Yamato(always the sharp one!) (bet he was an eagle in his past life!!) shoves X against a wall, and starts to act really seductive by begging for a kiss from X.  X, being a bright one (….not so much but still more realistic than some of the heroines I’ve played) suddenly notices the vice-principal hiding being a pillar watching them.  After being scolded by the VP=Vice President, both Yamato and the VP head off leaving X to head out by herself.  Suddenly a girl named Yuri said ‘your not really married to him, the two of you dont match!’ (at which point I was angry and wanted to say GTFO!)  at which X became scared.  Yuri leaves after saying that and X leaves the school.

Back at home, this being a few days later, Yamato has a day off and they go shopping for food.  X is made to cook and so its OFF TO THE SUPERMARKET!  X wanders around a bit looking at all the stuff that a Tokyo supermarket has to offer and meets up with the man from the bike thing.  They chat for a bit and then X returns to Yamato’s side before going off again to look at stuff.  suddenly she gets hit on by someone and as the man grabs her arm, Yamato stops them and instead of telling him to GTF away from my woman, he starts spouting out things that embarrass her and instead of feeling horrified about him not defending her, shes actually horrified that he got the drinking bit wrong and adding to this comic scene.  Anyways, the man leaves and they’re about to go home when…Yamato’s phone rang and he had to go to the police station because one of his students had been groped.  So X goes to the bar because shes too angry to go home where she explains everything to the others and after talking to them she feels better and heads home finally.  When at home, she decides to prepare the food for dinner even though its really late.  She doe not actually cook it til Yamato comes home really really late.  Yamato surprised that she actually waited for him became really happy and enjoyed his salisbury steak and life continues quite happily.

Then a baseball game appears where Yamato’s team are playing against some unknown people (in my imagination they were pirate cosplayers, dont know why but thats how it was) anyways, the game ends with Yamato’s team winning 1-0 and X brings a basket over and everyone has a picnic.  Yamato looks surprised by how much X has made for them and starts to smile saying that he liked fried_____ (can’t remember… SORRY >n<)  with which X offers to serve it to him.  Saeki (the poor dear ~3~ ) also asks X to serve him something but Takao (another dear) says that he(T) is closer so he can get it to which Saeki feels slightly dejected T^T.  After the picnic, everyone but Yamato and X head off to do a bit of catch.  Yamato uses this moment to make X his pillow as he lays his head on her lap and tells her that she is his pillow.  A few seconds later X starts to stroke his hair (to which point I almost died, i felt my heart beat increase dramatically with the thought of stroking his hair! dokidokidokidokidoki~~~)  When everyone comes back, they joke about saying how they want a go, though I think (not really think but KNOW) that Saeki actually meant it when he said ‘im next’ but Yamato, being as cute as he is, said ‘ no shes my pillow’ (OMG IM SOOOOOOO GONNA DIE is what i thought at the time seeing as im alive and writing this blog.)

As they get home, Yamato thanks X again about the food and life returns to normal, how they usually spend time in that house normal. X tells him that she needs to do an address change thing somewhere and that she wouldnt take long.  So Yamato is ok with it and stuff.  So she heads to the city office place somewhere and meets the bike man again, to which he will talk about his past a bit before disappearing as a lady calls out his name and X find out his name is __________(again sorry, but i know his name begins with an O).  She gets home quite late and by the time shes at the station, she sees Yamato waiting for her (d’awwwwwwwwwww) because he got worried (again d’awwwwwwwwwwww) anyways they head home and all’s well that ends well they say…..is what i would’ve liked but NOOOOO someone has to ruin things!  One day out of the blue X is feeling bored so heads out to the bar and sees her uncle just relaxing, so she talks and he does a reading to which he says ‘there will be a storm coming tonight’ and she then heads off to ‘prepare for this storm’ .  While at home, theres a phone call and its (DUNDUNDUN~~~ meant to sound dramatic!!) Yuri!!! She calls threatening X and X is scared that Yuri (the *****…..at the time i was angry, and wanted to beat the daylights out of her…)knows they’re secret (so much for preparation!).  Yuri then proceeds to tell her that Yamato has a mole on his back and that X has no right to ruin Yuri’s relationship with Yamato and for X to break it off with Yamato (HOW DARE SHE!!!!!!!)  After this Yamato comes home (typical)and whilst he goes changing X knocks on the door and enters in on him changing where she proceeds to notice the mole thereby getting the wrong idea!!!  Feeling upset, she attempts to act normal so Yamato doesnt worry.  So to calm her down she heads to the Bar a couple of days later and meets Takao, Ren and of course uncle.  They converse about Yamato and his popularity with women where they assure X that Yamato does NOT have relationships with students.  X feeling ONLY SLIGHTLY better is forced to clean the back of uncle’s bar to which he says ‘helps you clear your mind’ with the help of Ren while Takao and uncle head off for some errands.  While the two are cleaning, Saeki and Yamato enter the bar and thinking no one was around they converse about X.  Saeki wishes for Yamato to release X as she has done what she was meant to do which was to fool the VP, but Yamato doesnt want to ‘just yet’ leaving Saeki to ask whether Yamato is in love with X.  But we dont find out because Ren ‘accidentally’ knocks over some things causing a loud crash.  Awkwardly both Ren and X come out and Yamato is instantly blushing.

Life begins to alter more by this time, as Yamato drags X out of the bar to head home, he takes her on a detour where he spills about why he chose the school and that he doesnt like being alone.  X sees him being vulnerable and gives him a hug.  They hug for a while before they head home.  Just before they reach home, Yamato grabs X and holds her really close!!! (OMG OMG OMG!!!!!) Again they stay like this for a while but then head on home.  But they are uncomfortable around each other now as they’re feelings for each other begin to take shape.

Yamato as usual heads to school while X stays at home to do the housework.  Yuri knocks on the door, leaving the impression that she ran here just so that she could intimidate X some more (at which point i was like WTF GTFO RAAAAAAH *monster mode*) Yuri again makes threats and crap.  X not wanting Yamato to get fired, gets ready to spill the beans (WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!) Luckily Yamato gets there on time. He then makes it clear to Yuri that he is not interested in Yuri and that there will NEVER be anything between them as he only thinks of her as a student and nothing more.  he does this by telling her (quite bluntly)that he is in love with X and that she is the most important person to him.  Yuri feels dejected but understands(WTF this would never happen in rl but what the heck as long as she no longer bothers me i dont care, i just wanted Yamato all to myself hehehe).  Yuri leaves(FINALLY!!!!! BANZAI!!!!!!!) and X goes off into the kitchen.  Yamato follows her and then starts the Second most arousing  beautiful thing happens, Yamato tells X that she really is important to him and that he loves her.  This is then followed by a heated kissing scene (and OMG my heart was beating sooo fast i thought i could have lived in a freezer just fine!)

The next day, X feels groggy and mixed due to the kissing the night before so she decides to take a bath.  Unfortunately Yamato returns home from a morning run, as shes taking off her clothes, and decides he needs a bath too!  X realising this shouts ‘no wait don’t!’…too late as he walks in on her half naked.  He blushes after seeing her body and closes the door, and then attempts to reassure her that he didnt get a good look only to say something along the lines of ‘I didnt see anything…well maybe at first but thats all!!!’ (Oh Yamato how i love thee)  Finally, they both have had a bath and are eating breakfast, albeit awkwardly!  When they finished breakfast, they head out where they split up to do different things; Yamato to get bread because he knew how much X loves her bread, while X drops off things at the cleaners.  X bumps into Bike man and again they converse, Yamato finds her talking to bike man and speaks to him formally calling the guy principal.  X then realizes that they both worked at the same school!!  Yamato again tries to get away from the guy and they then head into the bar to see everyone and converse for a bit before Yamato tells them everything as to why he chose the all-girls school…It was so that he could go to the same school as his dad.  The dad is also bike man!!!  Any who, X after listening to this story tell the guys bike man’s side of the story which ended up confusing Yamato’s feeling to bike man.

At home during breakfast, X notices that Yamato is struggling with his conflicting emotions so she decides to help.  She takes him to the park where a few moments later bike man pops out holding flowers that his beloved loved.  X then gets them talking and Yamato finds out from bike man’s mouth that bike man truly loved Yamato’s mother and that it was her that left him because she did not want to destroy his reputation and that her family would not let him see her again and that this park was the place where they would meet in secret so he comes here every Saturday in the hopes of seeing her again!!! Yamato and bike man finally understand each other and begin to man hug and X not wanting to disturb them walks off quietly leaving father and son alone.  X then started to think about what her future would be as her job as Yamato’s fake wife was done, but Yamato catches up with her and they head home together.  Later that night as she was about to pack, a delivery appears and it turned out that Yamato had order a bunch of appliances just for her.  He tells her again that he loves her and well they show they’re love for each other in bed to which we are able to read a bit of it.  (my heart at this point literally jumped out and i felt myself blushing!!!)


here are some CGs

I hope that this post was helpful, funny and entertaining 🙂

please feel free to leave messages(as long as they are not offensive) and I will do my best to get the other stories out as soon as possible ^^

first post!!!!!!

Yes!!!!! This is MY first EVER post!!!!…I’m probably the only one who would ever get excited over something this trivial….. ( ¬.¬ )…….(my OMG moment disappeared…….)

Right…..kinda wishing I had a Japanese keyboard so that my emotes look somewhat decent… T^T

Any who, Cafe Rouge is the theme today! (not good going to an expensive place when your a poor uni student)

My friend had got a 40% discount voucher at the cafe and so we decided to go there, which we did last week!   Food was absolutely delicious and was definitely worth the wait!!!!!  But, the waitress didnt have a writing pad with her (uh oh) and when we ordered, she forgot some of our dishes or got the wrong one.  Still that didnt put a damper on my night because…(drum roll please!)…I had creme brulee for the first time in my life!  Unfortunately I didnt get a pic of my dessert, I was sort of busy scoffing it down to care. .. ( – 3 – ) ~~~ But i can tell you now, it was super amazing!!! 😉

However I did get a pic of my main, which was fantastique!  Havent had lamb in about 6 months (????)


Im not very good with using a knife and fork it seemed as I got juice on my jumper~~~ luckily no one noticed hehehehe

Yeah, after eating this, you would expect one to be somewhat full….well thats what YOU think (cue evil laugh)…my friends were surprised also when I said ‘I wasnt full’, they then thought or nicknamed me somewhat as the ‘bottomless pit’ , though to be honest they should have said the bottomless pit of despair if you think how much (if i had it my way and was rich enough to) work and stress the chefs would be under just for me to be full.  Man, I feel for the chefs with that thought.

Anyways I think I’ve ranted on long enough! Hope those of you who have given me the honor of wasting your time have enjoyed this and SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!