My deepest apologies for my lack of any recent posts in the last two months!  I have been attempting to revise for my exams….(which hopefully I did well).  This is the reason for my hiatus, I apologise for not telling you sooner.  But now that I’m over and done with my exams….YOU CAN EXPECT MORE POSTS TO COME!!!!!!!   (>^ u ^<)

Soon I shall be posting about the rest of the My forged wedding characters, followed by Pirates in love and other games like the Shall we date series.  Any otome games that people wish for me to review, please leave me a message and I shall review it for you…as long as its in english…or has english subtitles. 🙂

Anyway I’ll be on holiday in August to Hong Kong so expect some posts of on my time there, many of which will be (most likely) based around the food!!! (I’m such a glutton T^T )

strawberry gateau

I loooooooove my strawberry gateua



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